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2 Products were Included in Shaanxi Sci&Tech

Two products declared by company were included in 2015 Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Project, CS806 Cotton Sorter was declared important new product plan, WF1 Wool Fiber Tester was declared industry science and technology key plan, and get financial fund support.
CS806 Cotton Sorter is our company developed online detecting, clearing foreign fiber of cotton equipment during textile production process. It adopts high speed photoelectric detecting technology, detects various wrong color, wrong trash out of touch, uses high pressure air jet system to clear, it is necessary equipment for textile enterprises to improve product quality and production efficiency.
WF1 Wool Fiber Tester is textile electronic instrument used to measure wool fiber fineness and length, wool fiber detecting technology involves advanced technologies like optics, picture process, model algorithm, it can test and statistical analyze wool fiber length, fineness, quantity, and distribution automatically, it is our company developed new product aimed at wool performance detection in recent years.
Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Research and Development Plan is policy support program, which contains twelve special projects like industry science and technology tackle, important science and technology innovation team plan, important new product plan, it mainly supports meet the need of industrial development policy, which represents industry development direction, it has proprietary intellectual property rights and proprietary brand, and technology difficulty is higher, criticality and importance all need concentrate power on capture new product,  which is aimed at guide, prompt sci-tech progress of enterprise and scientific research institution and improve technology innovation ability, realize industrial structure optimization and product structure adjustment.
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