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Kingray 50 Electronic Yarn Clearer
Kingray 50 Electronic Yarn Clearer is a completely new intelligent, embedded electronic yarn clearer, which can be matched with ESPERO-M model automatic winder (integration model). It can detect and clear various harmful yarn faults automatically; it has functions of yarn clearing, checking knots, classifying on line, yarn CV value detecting, scatter diagram displaying, data statistics, alarming, self-checking, etc; its function is perfect, operation is convenient, cost-effective is high.

It adopts advanced ARM technology and embedded platform design, fast processing speed and low power consumption.
It adopts absolute measurement and digital processing technology, accurate clearing yarn faults and good consistency.
It has independent chain yarn faults channel which clears chain yarn faults etc harmful defect groups of yarn.
It has function of scatter diagram displaying which shows distribution of current various yarn faults in real time.
It monitors CV value variation of yarn on line.
Single spindle auto gain adjustment, single spindle auto zero compensation.
It adopts 10.4 inches color large display, touch screen design, convenient using.
Detecting head is a completely new arc shape, beautiful design.
Two color LED indicator and button design make working status clear and operation convenient.
Two USB interfaces are convenient to dump data and update software.

Suitable model        ESPERO-M model automatic winder (integration model)
Suitable yarn speed        300~2000m/min
Suitable yarn variety        natural short fiber, chemical short fiber and blending
Suitable yarn count range        JZS-15F: 8~58Tex
        JZS-20F: 18~120Tex
Yarn clearing setting range        N Channel (neps) section: +100%~+500%
        S Channel (short-thick places) section: +50%~300% length: 1.0~10cm
        L Channel (long-thick places) section: +20%~200% length setting 8.0~cm
        T Channel (long-thin places) section: -20~-80% length: 8.0~200cm
        C Channel (wrong count) section: ±5%~±80% length: 2~10cm
        J Channel (checking joint) section: +20%~+200% length:1.0~20cm
        U Channel (double yarn) section: +20%~+200% length: 8~200cm
Yarn clearing index        accord with specialized standard FZ/T98003-94 ”Electronic Yarn Clearer”

It is composed of control box, processor, detecting head and installation parts, etc.

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