YG072A Yarn Fault Classifying System
新蒲京娱乐YG072A Yarn Fault Classifying System is used as a testing instrument of checking harmful defects of yarn, which is suitable for common winder. It is mainly used in yarn quality detecting departments, it’s a necessary measuring instrument to textile enterprises.

It detects and analyzes sporadic yarn faults.
It classifies yarn faults (among them short-thick places 16 grades, long-thick places 3 grades, thin places 4 grades, totally 23 grades).
It changes frequency of testing yarn faults occurrence automatically into standard testing length below 100km.
It can appoint to cut yarn faults of some grades.
It has clearing yarn faults function according to channels process (neps, short-thick places, long-short places, long-thin places). It also can be used as yarn clearer in some cases.
Yarn count detecting (wrong count detecting).
It measures length and weight of winding yarn automatically.
It adjusts sensitivity and zero automatically.
It prints out various diagrams, reports and current screen contents.
It detects trouble, alarms and resumes trouble automatically.
It has expert system, which can make trade contrast and analysis, yarn faults trend analysis, and yarn faults distribution analysis of testing data.
It dumps, read-writes, displays testing data conveniently.
It checks whether clearing yarn threshold of yarn clearer is reasonable.

Measuring way capacitive detecting
Suitable yarn varieties cotton, wool, flax, silk, pure spinning of fiber and short fiber of blending
Suitable yarn count range 4tex~112tex (JYS-15B)
8tex~200tex (JYS-20B)
Note: It could be limited according to different counts range of fiber material.
Suitable winding speed 300m/min~1800m/min
Power supply A) frequency 50Hz±5%
B) voltage 180V~260V
C) power consumption <300VA

Yarn clearing channel threshold
     Channel              Sensitivity        Reference length
N channel (neps)               100~500%     
S channel (short-thick places)     50 ~ 300%          1~10cm
L channel (long-thick places)      10 ~ 200%         10~200cm
T channel (long-thin places)       -10 ~ -80%         10~200cm
C channel (wrong count)         ±5~±80%           12.8m

It is composed of one computer, one power box, six processors, six measuring heads (JYS-15B or JYS-20B), printer and assistant installations.

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